Learning is our passion

The EdLeader21 Team

Collectively, our team has over 30 years of experience in improving education policies, systems and practices. We are extraordinarily proud of our experience helping to create and run the Partnership for 21st Century Skills over the last decade. Now, we look forward to bringing this critical work to leaders in schools and districts nationwide.

Our Leadership

  • Ken Kay, CEO

    Ken Kay CEO

    Ken is the Chief Executive Officer of EdLeader21, a professional learning community for education leaders committed to 21st century education. more ›

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  • Valerie Greenhill, CLO

    Valerie Greenhill President

    Valerie is the President and Co-Founder of EdLeader21, the PLC dedicated to helping district and school leaders scale and sustain 21st century education practices system-wide... more ›

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  • Alyson Nielson, COO

    Alyson Nielson COO

    Alyson serves as the Chief Operating Officer for EdLeader21 and is responsible for overseeing the daily activities of the organization. more ›

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Our Team

  • Melissa Briones, Program Manager

    Melissa Ponce

    Melissa is the Program Director for EdLeader21 and is responsible for coordinating and managing projects to support EdLeader21 member... more ›

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  • Leondria Bryant, Executive Assistant

    Leondria Bryant

    In her role as the Executive Assistant to the CEO, Leondria provides administrative, scheduling and office support... more ›

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  • Sara Hallermann, Projects and Editorial Manager

    Sara Hallermann

    As EdLeader21's Senior Director, Projects and Learning, Sara coordinates large-scale collaborative member projects... more ›

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  • Aryn Lambson, Member Engagement Coordinator

    Aryn Lambson
    Member Engagement MANAGER

    Aryn joined EdLeader21 in November 2015 to focus on the needs of our PLC members... more ›

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  • photo of erin schmidt

    Erin Schmidt 
    Events Manager

    Erin Schmidt is a results-oriented marketing professional with nearly a decade of program management experience... more ›

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  • photo of jo

    Jo Tudisco Guntert
    Membership Recruitment Coordinator

    Jo joined EdLeader21 as the Membership Recruitment Coordinator in October 2016. Her background in marketing and sales began here in Tucson...more ›

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  • photo of EV

    Elisa Vasquez
    Project Coordinator

    Elisa Vasquez joined EdLeader21 in January 2017 as the Project Coordinator for the Learning Team. A native Spanish speaker, and also fluent in Portuguese, she has several years of experience in customer service, translation and interpretation...more ›

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