STEP21 (Systemic Transformation Evaluation Protocol for 21st Century Education) will create the "gold standard" definition of what it looks like to be a 21st Century District. The tools under development will allow districts to evaluate their levels of 21st century education implementation and chart a path for future progress. Peer review (both virtual and site-based) will be offered and the potential for a 21st century district certification is also under consideration.

EdLeader21 members are pursuing this work in order to:

  • Establish consensus around the definition of a 21st century school or district.
  • Establish consensus around the evaluation process(es) for 21st century schools and districts.
  • Enhance the rigor, depth and consistency of 4C's work in EdLeader21 member districts and schools.
  • Help ensure that 4C's teaching and learning reaches all students in EdLeader21 schools and districts.
  • Create repository of school/district evidence that can be shared as best practices.
  • Create rigorous evaluation processes for a range of school/district needs, including self-evaluation, peer-review and/or formal certification.

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