OECD Test for Schools Now Available for All Schools


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 OECD Test for Schools Now Available for All Schools
EdLeader21 and Hewlett Foundation Release
OECD Test for Schools Implementation Toolkit

 Tucson, AZ – May 22, 2014 – Until now, teachers, principals and district leaders working on the 4Cs (critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity) have had no way to meaningfully compare their schools to others across the world. Now any high school interested in assessing their students’ problem solving abilities in reading, science and math can do so with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Test for Schools.

 A brand new toolkit, created by EdLeader21, the professional learning community for leaders committed to 21st century education, with support from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, helps education leaders use this innovative tool to fuel district and school transformation.

The OECD Test for Schools Implementation Toolkit captures the experiences of EdLeader21 member schools that are using this groundbreaking assessment. It highlights how these schools and district leaders are using their results to strengthen teaching and learning practices, system-wide. The Toolkit includes helpful guidance from best practices for taking the exam, to using the results to inform instruction, to communicating about the exam to parents and other stakeholders. Detailed case studies are also included.

The OECD Test for Schools provides education leaders with a detailed report that includes specific feedback on the competencies of their students, as well as the school's learning environment. The test also:

  • Assesses the knowledge, critical thinking and problem-solving skills of 15 year olds in reading, mathematics and science;
  • Evaluates student attitudes about learning and school; and
  • Compares the participating school(s) with top performing students and schools around the world.

“OECD is delighted to offer individual schools the ability to globally benchmark their students’ performance,” said Alejandro Gómez Palma, Education Policy Analyst, OECD. “We are very pleased that EdLeader21 school and district leaders have helped create this valuable toolkit to help all educators use the OECD Test for Schools to strengthen their systems of teaching and learning and to support best practices.”

“There is a growing movement to advance deeper learning in America’s K-12 schools,” said Barbara Chow, Education Program Director, Hewlett Foundation. “We believe that the OECD Test for Schools is a very important way for schools to measure whether their students are receiving the education they will need to succeed in the 21st century and to see how students compare globally. This is a powerful tool for all educators.”

“We believe the OECD Test for Schools is one of the few assessment tools available that provides our schools with data on the outcomes that really matter to our students in the 21st century,” said Elizabeth Celania-Fagen, Superintendent, Douglas County School District (CO) and chair of EdLeader21’s PLC Advisory Committee. “We not only feel fortunate to have this data available to us, but to be part of the EdLeader21 community that has created a collaborative group and a way to share meaningful strategies to foster real change in our schools and districts.”

“For educators using this innovative new test, the real work begins when you receive your school’s results. This toolkit helps educators take the most important step in the process—how to use the results to improve teaching and learning for the 21st century,” said Valerie Greenhill, Chief Learning Officer, EdLeader21. “We are incredibly grateful to our EdLeader21 members who shared their lessons learned and the Hewlett Foundation for their support of the creation of the Toolkit.”

“There are not many tools at our disposal to assess the 4Cs,” said Ken Kay, CEO, EdLeader21. “The OECD Test for Schools is one that not only allows schools and districts to identify their students’ 21st century competencies, but it gives our leaders rich data in a global context. We in EdLeader21 are pleased to be able to make the Toolkit available to all education leaders and hope they will use it to move the 4Cs and 21st century education forward in their schools and districts.”

EdLeader21 will be hosting a webinar on June 17, 2014 at 12:00 pm PT/3:00 pm ET about OECD Test for Schools and the Implementation Toolkit. Register here for the webinar. To learn more about EdLeader21 and the Implementation Toolkit, visit



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