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Member Practices

Profiles of Innovative EdLeader21 Members

Chesterfield County Public Schools is an award-winning school system located in the Richmond, VA metro area. Read about their "Design for Excellence 2020".  › read more

Profiles of Innovative EdLeader21 Members

Virginia Beach City Public Schools' journey to becoming a 21st century school district began in 2008. Read about their journey and where they are going next.  › read more

High School Redesign and the 4Cs

Robert Glass, Superintendent of Bloomfield Hills Schools, discusses the importance strong collaboration and communication among leaders and teachers in the high school redesign process. Glass conveys the importance of “using the 4Cs when seeking to embed the 4Cs”.  › read more

The 21st Century Collaborative Network in Dysart Unified School District

Gail Pletnick, Superintendent of Dysart Unified School District, describes how their 21st Century Collaborative Network is designed to increase both leadership capacity and collaboration in the district.  › read more

A Rural District Accepts the Change Challenge

Amy Griffin, Superintendent of Cumberland County Public Schools (VA), discusses strategies used to align structures and processes to support 21st Century student outcomes for students in her rural community.  › read more

Head of School Brett Jacobsen on Integrating the 4Cs

Brett Jacobsen, Head of School of Mount Vernon Presbyterian School (GA), shares how being a member of EdLeader21 has supported the 21st century education initiatives in his school.  › read more

Crossing the Borders of State and District Lines: Metro 4Cs Rubric Work

Molly Bestge, Secondary Curriculum Coordinator for West Fargo Public Schools (ND) describes how three EdLeader21 member districts joined forces to refine the EdLeader21 4Cs rubrics and articulate the 4Cs across grade spans as part of their effort to transform 21st century education.  › read more

Superintendent Pam Moran on 21st Century Education and Strategic Planning

Pam Moran, Superintendent of Albemarle County (VA) Public Schools, answers questions about the transformation around 21st century education in her district.  › read more