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PLC Projects

One of the most exciting aspects of the PLC has been collaboration. From the beginning of the PLC we have identified areas of progress that EdLeader21 schools and districts were interested in and we have facilitated their collaboration on this ground-breaking effort. 

  • 4Cs Rubrics Implementation

    – The 4Cs rubrics have been developed by EdLeader21 staff with collaborative guidance and revisions from over 70 EdLeader21 member schools and districts nationwide. Many subject matter experts in the field also provided helpful commentary and revisions. › go

  • 4Cs Performance Assessment Bank

    – The 4Cs Performance Assessment Bank project aims to establish a 4Cs-aligned bank of performance tasks that can be customized locally. › go
  • Common 4Cs Performance Assessment

    – The Common 4Cs Performance Assessment project aims to implement a "common" set of valid, reliable 4Cs-aligned, standards-aligned performance tasks. › go
  • Three Year Roadmap

    – The Three Year Roadmap project aims to support member efforts to integrate the 4Cs system-wide by focusing on key aspects of the first three years of the district transformation process. › go
  • STEP21

    – How can the district best demonstrate evidence of student success? The STEP21 analysis rubric and review protocols rely on a rigorous input-output-impact framework for collecting and reviewing evidence. Over time this will result in the collection and sharing of evidence demonstrating success at systemic integration of 21st century education outcomes. › go
  • Improvement Science

    – For the coming year, the Improvement Science working group will function as study group around a process of disciplined inquiry that can be used to scale up promising interventions in education. › go
  • 4Cs Leadership Academy

    – Beginning July 2017, this year-long intensive academy for central office leaders, principals, and teacher leaders will support deeper expertise in implementing the 4Cs. › go